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Business security

We are aware that information is the key to success. It allows for efficient crisis management in a company. This is why we are active in the domain of economic intelligence, investigation and counter surveillance.

We provide efficient protection against unfair competition, we assist in optimum risk management and in making key decisions basing on collected information, its analyses and processing.

How does SGU provide business security?

We are living in information based society, where knowledge and information can often be more valuable than material goods. This is why at SGU we feel not only responsible for protecting properties but also for protecting information. There are many sources of potential threat around any company and our actions aim at defining threats, determining the risk and providing suitable protection.

Business security is the domain where it is necessary to identify threats. This is how we can take preventive actions that allow for realizing goals and missions in a stable environment. That is why our first step is obtaining knowledge. Subsequently, we implement solutions that provide business security.

Our values


We obtain all information from reliable sources, media monitoring and company’s economic environment. We analyse and process that data properly.

Discretion and ethics

When obtaining information we obey legal standards and ethical norms, especially those regarding discretion and confidentiality.


We offer a wide range of detective services and economic intelligence. We select the appropriate methods and actions depending on the assignment.

Business security and risk management

Defining the risk is one of the basic actions we take to ensure business security. Subsequently, we choose the actions that will allow for efficient risk management in the company. 

This is how business security transforms from an abstract idea into stable environment and reality of the company. What actions do we take?

How do we protect your business?

Economic intelligence

We obtain the information applying methods that are the most efficient and remain legal. And the knowledge that the client obtains allows for making decisions that provide business security.

Employee checks

Business threats can emerge not only outside but also inside the company. Selecting a wrong candidate for an employee or employee misuse may lead to serious consequences. Employee checks help with maintaining business security and avoiding negative consequences of intra-company actions.

Detective services

Detective services are a reliable way of obtaining information within the company as well as in the surrounding environment. Performing effective operational and analytical actions helps defining and minimizing potential business security threats.

Anti wire-tapping research

Illegal surveillance as well as counter intelligence are one of the major threats that could lead to taking over key information. This is why we implement suitable actions aimed at detecting suspicious devices and at maintaining security.



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