Video protection – full information and guarantee of result

Visual monitoring


Nothing can hide from it

Very active security system for facilities. It sees, records and analyses everything, and reacts in a few seconds.

A man alone would not be able to do everything that the SOVA monitoring with VIKI (Video Interactive Kinetic Intelligence), combined with an Operator and a professional Intervention Group, can do. A system of 5 cameras and advanced artificial intelligence help to react early to each external and internal hazard.

We accept full responsibility for everything that happens at the protected facility.

 This is proven by a guaranteed payment of a compensation under a third party liability insurance without any exclusions (up to the agreed amount) within 48 hours, even for a loss for which we are not responsible.

What does it mean for you?

A continuous real time monitoring of a protected facility with a system of cameras that operate even during a night or in a fog.

A ceaseless analysis of the image and events immediately discovers all hazards, including unauthorised people (thieves, vandals, homeless, people intoxicated with alcohol or psychotropic substances) entering the construction site, and fire and OHS hazards.

Nothing can disappear from the construction site in an unexplained way.

Cameras will record everything. At our cost, we will identify people and vehicles, and then find everything, and bring the perpetrators to justice. In the times when prices of construction materials rise, and there are huge problems with their availability, this service alone is worth any price.

24/7 recording of working time and activities at the Protected Facility.

The system identifies all employees, so we can show activities of each of them separately, specifying the time precisely.


With a remote access, an OHS Inspector can take unexpected photos of people who do not wear their helmets and vests, even at 30 construction sites at the same time. The very knowledge about this option strongly motivates the workers to ensure safety at work.

Recordings of all incidents, violations of OHS procedures, and accidents at the construction site.

The recordings do not lie, they show precisely what happened, and what was a direct cause of a given situation.

Evidence material for criminal acts or destruction of property.

All recordings are filed at our 24-hour Operational Centre and can be made available to relevant services or authorised persons.

How does this differ from what you know?

Usually, security agencies ensure installation of cameras at a construction site or other facility and… nothing else.

Agreements analysed by us, even from very well-known agencies contain so many exclusions that often they even make a customer responsible for incorrect operation of their own cameras. The situation is similar in case of reaction to alarm signals, which usually includes a provision “as far as possible”, and this may mean that… nobody comes, and you can do nothing about that.

The price reflects the level of the service.

The protection offered by us is based on a modern and reliable technology of real time monitoring and image analyses.

1. The facility is monitored by SOVA – a system of 5 cameras:

A bi-spectral thermal imaging camera,
that detects people during a day, a night and in a fog.

3 Color Vu cameras ,
that provide clear image 24/7, so perpetrators of incidents can be recognised even in poor lighting conditions.

A PTZ camera ,
that enables control of lenses around the axis and up and down, and provides a 25x optical zoom, apart from a high resolution picture.


Images are sent to the 24-hours Operational Centre where they are recorded and analysed by an Operator and VIKI – an advanced artificial intelligence that identifies predefined events. Cameras alone are not enough for protection; a hazard needs to be recognised, the sooner the better, to react correctly. The modern technology is so much advanced that nothing can happen at a protected facility without the Operator’s supervision.


We try to use prevention instead of intervention. Before an intruder enters the Protected Facility, they receive an audio warning. The immediate reaction to a potential hazard does not give them time to act before a security patrol arrives to the gate. Of course, the warning alone aims only at scaring the intruder away, and suffices in most cases; however, when it is not enough, we initiate more decisive actions.


Our security operates non-stop, also during a day – we record everything that happens at the Facility 24/7, not only at nights and on weekends.


We assume responsibility for everything that happens at the Protected Facility – e.g., if a theft occurs, we will identify a thief, their car and an address of residence and have them arrested at our cost. If any direct losses occur, we guarantee payment of a compensation under our third party liability insurance within 48 hours, even if they did not result from our fault.

You have everything in your hands!

We supplement offered security measures with a telephone application, with which you can see what is going on at the protected facility. All cameras are at your disposal.

With this application, you yourself can decide when to arm and disarm the security system at the facility (you switch the security system on when workers finish their work, or switch it off when they start work). Furthermore, you can easily and fast grant (or disable) access to the view to people of your choice.

Apart from providing a regular view of what is going at the protected facility, the application also offers functions for playing recorded videos, recording images, and verifying what happened earlier. With the advanced technology and additional features you can see what happened at a selected location at a specific time – even five years back! The entire history in your phone – you will not find this anywhere else.

The application can be additionally used as a

Construction Site Video Logbook

Do you want to have a peace of mind ensured, or prefer to look after everything yourself?

We will secure your facility with a very tight protective umbrella. This way, we will eliminate external hazards caused by third persons, as well as internal ones that may be caused by construction site workers.

You can feel safer on all sides. You definitely have some questions, so do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly explain everything and provide you with specific answers to any question.

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