Visual monitoring


Visual monitoring – SOVA intelligent surveillance system

Do you prefer to prevent risks or reduce their impact after they take place? We favour prevention – we want to be one step ahead of dangerous events before they happen. This is why we developed the innovative SOVA system (Audio-Video Security System) – it is a 24/7 active surveillance system.  Why is it worth performing visual monitoring?

What is SOVA system?

SOVA is visual monitoring used for controlling and protecting predefined areas 24h/7. It allows you for installing just one piece of IoT equipment within the site. SOVA system connects cameras and sensors that trigger alarm in case of danger. Moreover, this visual monitoring system allows for transmitting instruction that triggers voice message. This can frighten a potential thief away without physical intervention.

This is what SOVA intelligent surveillance system stands for. What is important, the advantage of this visual monitoring over classical protection consists in flexibility and fast reaction to emerging threats. 

Why is SOVA visual monitoring system worth using?

Visual monitoring using SOVA system means that mages from cameras are constantly analysed using AI as well as human operators in SGU 24/7 Operations Centre. This allows us for real time reaction to risks within protected area, issuing preventive voice message, warning or calling intervention team.  

Visual monitoring systems deliver flexibility and mobility. SOVA also makes it possible to react to threats in real time instead of implementing actions after events take place.

SOVA system application

Areas where SOVA provides safety

Ochrona obszarów miejskich

Urban areas

SOVA can perform active surveillance of specified areas of the city where we want to have extra control. Remote visual monitoring will work great in: exceptionally dangerous zones, zones that require surveillance, e.g. illegal waste dumps. In case of an event, an operator from SGU Operations Centre can identify the offender and share his location with competent services – all in real time.

monitoring osiedla

Residential areas and real estates

Remote visual monitoring – SOVA surveillance system – allows for controlling residential areas and real estates, focusing on dangerous events like fire or car damage in parking lot but also other risks like entrance of unwanted people: vandals or robbers. The operator supervising the area can respond in real time, issuing a warning message or sending the intervention team or competent services to the spot. Undoubtedly, remote Internet-based monitoring will be a more favourable solution than physical protection.


Business and building industry

Active surveillance mode allows for constant analysis of supervised construction sites, industrial facilities, factories and production halls. SOVA system makes use of advanced detection mechanisms analysing the images, thus assisting the person who makes the final decision regarding reaction to the event. It is the operator of visual monitoring system, who chooses the action that is appropriate for the situation.

Versatility of SOVA system


SOVA system efficiency is unparalleled and the results are visible immediately after its implementation. Operating costs are lower by several dozen percentage points as compared with traditional physical surveillance.


SOVA remote visual monitoring can be configured flexibly from big areas to single buildings in any part of the city. The system is adapted for all kinds of facilities and spaces, even in places where no electrical power supply is available.


SOVA visual monitoring system is equipped with advanced mechanisms of audiovisual control – in a matter of seconds it can issue an audio warning regrading potential wrongdoer or it can dispatch the Intervention Team.


SOVA visual monitoring system records events and cooperates with intervening persons. It features recognition of people committing offences by means of sharing stills and videos with preventive services.

Remote access

SOVA visual monitoring system operators and clients have access to visual data in real time as well as to the archives. They gain access to their individual online account.

Effect Contract

We are confident about the performance of SOVA system and we take responsibility for entrusted facilities. We guarantee payment basing on Effect type of Contract and not Due Performance type of Contract. This makes remote visual monitoring a more favourable solution for clients in terms of finance.