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Business intelligence

We help you gain competitive advantage in a legal manner, in accordance with law regulations.  We apply advanced techniques, that not only allow for obtaining business information but also for its meticulous analysis.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence bases on systematic actions. If you decide to work with our company, you will gain support in the form of regular process of collecting, analysing, processing and administering information. The information itself might seem useless but meticulous analysis allows for making prognoses that shed new light on making business decisions.

The possibility of defining the environment of the company as well as all factors that shape it allows for making right decisions. Business intelligence is one of the tools that facilitate risk management in a company.

What can you gain by implementing business intelligence?

Business intelligence allows for obtaining and analysing information that impacts plans, decisions and actions of the company. It also allows those in charge of the business for to make rational and safe decisions about the future of the company. If you care about reducing the risk and identifying opportunities and threats related to company environment, business intelligence is an excellent solution for you.

Why is SGU business intelligence worth choosing?

In SGU we use advanced methods of obtaining information. Furthermore, we use specialized data bases, analyses, advanced monitoring of media and business environment. This is how we obtain information efficiently and then we analyse it according to customer’s individual needs 

We complete each stage of business intelligence and the outcome of our actions is knowledge that facilitates making right business decisions.



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