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Detective services

We know how important trust is. However, we remember that control and verification can sometimes prove to be necessary in order to maintain business security. This is why we have introduced detective services aimed at obtaining information necessary for making optimum decisions.

What are detective services for business?

When doubts arise and situations that are risky for the company occur, it is essential to have the right analysis and verification of threats. Detective services aim to deliver data that will allow for realistic assessment of the situation. With the right actions the threat can be eliminated before negative consequences occur both outside and inside the company. 

Detective services for business offered by SGU base primarily on obtaining and processing information. It is then analysed as per the type of the assignment  and passed to the client. We apply the actions to individual people, events or entities. If you are not sure about the credibility of an employee or a client – we are at your service.

What can you gain by choosing detective services for your company?

Detective services for companies will firstly allow for verification of business partners before you start cooperating. This will not only give you partial information given by your potential partner but also in-depth analysis of his previous actions. Our detective services also include determining the assets, which could be crucial when establishing new business contacts. 

The main purpose of such actions is obtaining necessary knowledge that will be helpful when making economic and business decisions. Detective services for companies will give you the certainty that you are making the right choice.

Why are SGU detective services for business worth choosing?

In our detective activities for companies we use the most efficient operational and analytical techniques developed through years of experience. Depending on the type of assignment we choose the best methods of obtaining information. We always follow the principles of utmost diligence and reliability, while respecting valid legal and ethical standards.

Our goal is meeting client’s demands regarding information. Please contact us if you would like to know more.



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