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Wire-tapping detection

Modern technologies not only create opportunites but also threats for business. They provide more options to compete and lead to great abuse. Wire-tapping detection will help you eliminate the threat resulting from illegal surveillance.

What is wire-tapping detection?

Unfair competition is a problem that many entrepreneurs have to deal with. One of the illegal actions that other entities commit is wire-tapping. This activity is not a new one but modern technologies make it more difficult to identify the threat. Wire-tapping detection consists of actions we take in order to detect and eliminate potential threats. And what we mean are devices used for illegal obtaining of information.

Let’s not forget that this type of activities can be qualified as criminal and the offenders can be subject to the penalty of restriction of liberty or deprivation of liberty up to two years in accordance with Article 267 of Law of June 6, 1997 – Penal Code (Journal of Laws 1997 no. 88 pos. 553). Wire-tapping detection will help you identify the threat and then eliminate it.

What can you gain by choosing wire-tapping detection?

Wire-tapping detection is on of the tools used for fighting unfair competition. With those actions you can identify if your company has become a victim of illegal surveillance. Wire-tapping detection will also help you check for potential gaps in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks that could be the source of potential threat. Thus, you can neutralize already installed devices and protect your company from possible threats.

Wire-tapping detection is a solution that will give you the sense of security and lower the risk of unfair competition.

Why is wire-tapping detection worth choosing?

Here at SGU for the purpose of wire-tapping detection we use the most recent equipment, put together basing on European, Russian and American solutions. As surveillance tools technology is developing quickly, our team is trained regarding counter intelligence on regular basis. We detect traditional tap devices but also those that use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or mobile networks. We also detect risks in IoT domain.



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