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Employee checks

Entrepreneurs tend to identify threats with what is going on outside the company. Competitors, changing conditions – these are the factors where entrepreneurs seek major threats. However, it is worth focusing on defining and eliminating problems within the company. This is where employee checks are helpful.

What are employee checks?

Employee checks are actions are actions that aim at reducing threats that appear within the company. This applies chiefly to the employees. A very common situation is presenting a CV that doesn’t fully match the reality. The goal of employee checks is to verify that information     both regarding candidates and actual employees.

If you are doubtful whether malpractice by the employees occurs in your company, employee checks will help you verify this. This applies to unfair competition and different types of frauds.

What can you gain by implementing employee checks?

Employee checks will help you eliminate the risk related to extra costs resulting from malpractice or from choosing a wrong candidate. You will also avoid the risk of losing company’s reputation and positive image. If you are having doubts regarding loyalty of your employees, employee checks will help you avoid revealing company secrets and losing its reputation. 

It is worth mentioning a common abuse that occurs in many companies is using sick leaves. If you are suspecting an employee, our employee check will be the perfect solution for you.

Why are SGU employee checks worth choosing?

We approach every client individually and we adjust our actions to his needs. This is why our offer includes one-time services as well as long term actions. What can you gain with SGU employee checks? 

We prevent employee misuse through optimum immediate measures and creating relevant prevention systems. We also run polygraph (lie detector) tests and provide all necessary information.



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