Video protection – full information and guarantee of result

The VIKI mobile app allows you to view everything that has been happening on site.

In 90 seconds you can watch the whole day. At the end of the working day, you can compare the site with the morning with a single click – you can see what has appeared and what has disappeared.

You can easily check the progress of the work remotely, without being present on site. This goes back up to five years, as the recordings become the property of the app user and can be accessed even after the construction has been completed.

TopBuilder 2023 award in the “IT&BIM products and services” category

The VIKI app is part of a larger ecosystem.

This is due to the fact that the SGU provides images from state-of-the-art SOVA camera systems that capture everything day and night, regardless of weather conditions. This translates to the app on the phone receiving the highest quality images to identify people, vehicles and all incidents.

Added to this is artificial intelligence that detects any anomalies and risks in real time, drastically increasing the safety of any construction site.

Video Construction Logbook

You will see everything. Even five years back!

The VIKI app is dedicated to site managers, administrators, construction supervisors, CEOs and anyone who needs specific information about what is happening on site.

Users are given access to the Video Construction Site Logbook. Cameras record every minute of what is happening on site. They record not only the progress of the work, everything that happens with materials, entries and exits, loading and unloading, but also every step of the workers. Information such as wind speed and humidity are included in the recording. This makes it possible, for example, to discover and prove that concrete was poured at the wrong temperature and to draw the consequences.

A person with assigned access to the app can track the working time and progress of all activity of each worker on site – from entry to exit. This makes things very easy for the Inspector, for example, who can now preview 30 sites at once. Thanks to the image recording of hi-tech cameras, it can take up to 25x zoom images of any incident and of workers without a helmet or waistcoat.

In the event of any accident, it can easily reconstruct and determine the actual course of the accident and those responsible for its occurrence. What is interesting is that construction workers, knowing this, start to comply more with health and safety regulations and avoid risky activities.

Advantages of the VIKI

  • Access to the Video Construction Site Logbook, which allows you to view an entire day, up to 5 years back in 90 seconds.
  • The certainty that SOVA’s state-of-the-art camera systems will record everything that happens on site, day or night, no matter what the weather conditions are.
  • Recordings enhanced with additional atmospheric information.
  • The ability to track the working time and all activity of each employee on site.
  • The comfort of up to 25-fold zooming in on an event.
  • Dynamic authorisation system – the company administrator is free to add further users.
  • Dynamic timelapse creation from arbitrary segments of time.

VIKI demo

Would you like to see the operation of our application live?

Aplikacja mobilna SGU GO została wyróżniona prestiżową nagrodą przyznawaną co roku przez branżowe media budowlane Builder Polska.

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