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Artificial intelligence and the fight against crime – how can it help?

the fight against crime, sztuczna inteligencja a walka z przestępczościąالذكاء الاصطناعي ومحاربة الجريمة

Many people ask themselves how artificial intelligence is changing our world. This topic raises doubts and is the subject of lively discussions. In fact, it depends on the given individual: how he or she will use the available opportunities. How can artificial intelligence help in the fight against crime? Are we able to avoid crimes committed by repeat offenders? We raise an important issue: artificial intelligence and the fight against crime.

Sexual crime in Poland

The highest amount of negative emotions and fears is aroused by sexual crime in Poland. Increasingly, we are receiving information about victims, among whom there are not only women, but also men and children. When we receive news about another felony, we become extremely cautious for a while. However, memory can be unreliable, and we quickly forget about what until recently aroused great fear in us. On the other hand, evil never sleeps, and when vigilance fails, some real tragedy can occur. Let’s look at the statistics.

The latest data is from 2020. According to the information provided by the Central Statistical Office, last year the number of crimes established under Article 200 of the Criminal Code – sexual abuse of a minor – included 1360 cases. In turn, the crime resulting from Article 197 § 1-4 of the Criminal Code – rape – concerned as many as 1034 cases confirmed. It should be noted, however, that more than 1,000 more proceedings were initiated in both crimes. Last year, there were also 657 homicides across Poland.

The situation is serious,, and the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence can help reduce crime or identify and apprehend criminals. How is this possible? How are these two connected: artificial intelligence and the fight against crime?


What possibilities does artificial intelligence give us?

Our previous article on the repression of the Uighur national minority in China outlined the negative use of artificial intelligence capabilities. In this particular case, the facial recognition system aims to find Uighurs for detention and mass imprisonment in camps in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The “Uighur alerts” sent by the AI camera and the surveillance systems of the society are undoubtedly negative aspects of the use of artificial intelligence.

Take a look at the article: How is artificial intelligence changing the world? IPVM and BBC

But let’s look at it from a different perspective. Can the ability to recognize faces help in the fight against sexual crimes? Why are we writing about this?


VIKI system and the possibility of facial recognition

Facial recognition is made possible by AI cameras, which have gained the ability to analyze human characteristics. Based on this, they are able to identify a person who is in the monitored area. The VIKI system, or Video Interactive Kinetic Intelligence, has the ability to analyze the image and reduce possible risk to a minimum. One IoT device can replace several standard cameras and, at the same time, it can increase the monitoring capabilities.


Artificial intelligence and the fight against sexual crime 

The ability to analyze facial features and verify a person’s identity on this basis can affect our security. Even though we feel safe in our immediate surroundings, we never know from which side the danger will come. Each of us remembers the disappearance of 11-year-old Sebastian from Katowice, who unfortunately could not be saved from the murderer. The boy was returning home from the playground, and the man already had a criminal record.

Imagine another situation that would perhaps allow us to avoid such tragedies in the future. The VIKI system is able to recognize 30 faces per second. If we took a record of sex offenders or murderers who have left prison, we would be able to verify their suspicious behavior in risky spaces.

Learn more about VIKI: Work Safety AI-IOT

Examples include playgrounds and parks, where similar crimes have previously occurred. If the VIKI system is able to analyze 30 faces per second, it means that as many as 1800 faces will be scanned within minutes. For comparison, in the public register of sex offenders there are about 1100 of them.

Thanks to this, we could act preventively in the case of suspiciously behaving, formerly punished people. Perhaps this is a good way to fight crime and take control of the security?

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