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How is artificial intelligence changing the world? IPVM and BBC

الذكاء الاصطناعي sztuczna inteligencja, artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a discovery that has been revolutionizing our world for some time now. Some technological improvements have entered our lives imperceptibly. Other issues are raised even by the global media. How does artificial intelligence change the world? The answers are not always positive.


Artificial intelligence and the repression of minorities

BBC Panorama is one of the programs broadcasting documentaries that often cover controversial topics. One of them is the use of artificial intelligence by the Chinese government. On May 28, 2021, a documentary was released, and it deals with the topic of technologically advanced repression of the Uighurs. As reported by BBC Panorama, IPVM has uncovered new evidence of the Chinese government’s use of AI technology. The technology created is designed to generate “Uighur alerts” that help detect representatives of this minority.

This topic raises a lot of controversy, not only because of the use of artificial intelligence, but also due to some reports that the “Uighur alerts” are the result of cooperation between the Chinese government and Huawei. What are these reports all about? What role does artificial intelligence play here? Read on.

AI camera detecting Uighurs

Artificial intelligence allows you to adopt human skills by devices, machines. According to the BBC, the AI camera has been given the ability to recognize representatives of minorities by recognizing their facial features and characteristics. According to information published by the BBC, Huawei and the China Academy of Sciences worked together on the technology. The biggest controversy is caused by the fact that this special tracking code was detected in the public SDK, i.e. in a publicly available software set that allows you to create your own solutions.


Is there really an AI camera that detects Uighurs?

Huawei denies having worked on any technology aimed at repression of minorities. What’s more, the Chinese government claims that it does not provide such technologies. In turn, IPVM and The New York Times report on a number of documents that even indicate the order to use “Uighur alerts”.

Surveillance systems using AI technology

The above-mentioned reports may raise many doubts and fears. However, there are reasonable suspicions that indicate a desire to create a solution “One Person, One File”. The system is to have the ability to analytically assess a person and predict his or her behavior based on the collected information. The gathered data would include: personal data, political activity and much more. Without a doubt, this is the negative way to use AI technology.

Surveillance systems affecting the life of the whole society or “Uighur alerts” repressive to minorities are a step too far… At the same time, it should be emphasized that AI technology is also used in good faith.

How is artificial intelligence changing the world for the better?

Artificial intelligence is changing the world, as well as the nature of interpersonal relationships. It provides us with much more possibilities, but sometimes it leads to the modification of some dependencies. For instance, it can lead to limitation of interpersonal contacts by introducing more convenient forms of communication: audiovisual conversation, chat, and connecting via social networks. AI technology has allowed for the development and modernization of technologies such as GSM, GPS, VR, the Internet or social media.

These modern technologies are part of normality for us. They change our world for the better, at the same time they have become a standard. Without them, we will feel discomfort. Their presence has revolutionized our lives to such an extent that many of us do not remember what life was like before. Skype, VoD – movies on demand, smartwatches, drones… they no longer surprise us.

AI technology is for security

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