AI-IoT Work Safety

SOVA and VIKI surveillance system – artificial intelligence

We help preventing accidents and dangerous events in construction sites and we assist the companies in the process of investment implementation. SOVA visual surveillance system provides real safety for work and business – thanks to the back up of VIKI AI system (Video Interactive Kinetic Intelligence).

What is AI-IoT Work Safety?

AI-IoT Work Safety is control and constant supervision of employees via SOVA and VIKI systems that are based on artificial intelligence. This is how you can provide your employees with safety and avoid threats related to non-compliance to Work Safety rules. It makes it possible to avoid accidents and dangerous events, even when you are not on the site.

Additionally, you have constant view of what is going on the site. This in turn means that you have real, constant and – most importantly – remote control over realized investment.

How does AI-IoT Work Safety work combined with SOVA and VIKI systems?

VIKI system analyses CCTV images and automatically notices anomalies regarding respecting Work Safety rules by employees. This allows the system operator for immediate reaction, issuing a voice message and sharing the information about the event to Work Safety department of the company. 

Every month we analyse the footage and provide you with information architecture in the form of a report containing information that you are interested in – employee work time, adherence to Work Safety rules or number of preventive and intervention actions within the supervised area.

Asset Management – modern protection system

Asset Management protection system is aimed at building industry as well as all other domains where it is required to protect one’s machines, equipment, heavy equipment or other vehicles. We offer both specialist and universal solutions that can also be used by service industry. 

SOVA and VIKI surveillance system, while performing constant monitoring, supervises the equipment for damage and theft, increases safety in construction sites, optimizes machine operation time and determines its exact location. All of it happens in real time.


SOVA and VIKI surveillance system
– artificial intelligence

Full control and higher protection level

Preventive measures

Preventing dangerous events within supervised area and preventing company property loss. The system enables preventive actions, automatically noticing anomalies – in real time.


Surveillance system together with artificial intelligence provides constant surveillance of employee work time as well as respecting Work Safety regulations. VIKI analyses CCTV feed constantly and it reacts to anomalies immediately.

Analysis and reports

SGU Operational Centre analyses the footage from various angles, depending on the need. Basing on the analyses we create a dedicated information architecture that includes reports about employee work time or respecting Work Safety regulations within the site.