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Construction Site Logbook

You will see everything. Even five years back!

With our application, you get a constant view of a construction site in your phone. You can not only see what is going on now, but you also can view videos documenting everything that has happened there within last five years!

Nothing gets lost in the construction site

We record every minute of a situation in the construction site.
No event can escape our cameras. We record actions of employees, construction progress, what is happening to materials, all arrivals and departures, unloadings and loadings – nothing escapes us.

You will get much more than just a video recording of the entire construction site history. We add certain data to the image, like the air temperature, the wind speed, and humidity. You will, for example, know if concrete was poured out in the wrong temperature, so you can react accordingly.

Just one look,
and you know it all!

But you get much more than the recording alone. Nobody has time to watch hours and hours of boring videos, to discover one nonconformity. So our application does not simply play the videos. It helps you see what you need. 

With the “Compare” function you can view side by side a picture of one place at two different moments in time. This way, you can see at a glance what has changed during that day or other period of time chosen by you!

The “construction site logbook” lets you view the entire day of work in just 90 seconds! High quality photos taken every minute will help you to track progress of works and every activity (or inactivity) of all employees. You can verify 8 hours of work in 1.5 minutes, and nothing will escape you.

You can recreate every event

What does such detailed recording of each day of construction works
and an option to quickly view events offer to you?

A detailed recording of deliveries

Who, what, where, when, how, and how much. Everything reflecting the actual situation. Nobody can lie to you and you have necessary evidence. Even five years back - you can view this entire period in... just one hour and 16 seconds!

You do not have to search for witnesses

of events at the construction site - the recordings do not lie and “do not forget anything”. You can see everything with an accuracy of one minute. If any accident happens, you can view its causes and detailed course.

Recording of every vehicle

Not only do we record all arrivals and departures, but with an additional service we can even find a vehicle that should not come to the construction site, with its driver and possible accompanying people.

You see in detail what happens to all materials at the construction site. Nothing can suddenly disappear “unnoticed”

You can easily verify punctuality of works and conditions of their performance

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No words can make such an impression as seeing with your own eyes what our application can do.

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Because it is worth every penny.

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