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The key aspects of video protection

AspectsStorm Gray UnitThe Other Agencies
I. Responsibility and Prices
1. When security agency will pay for damage?


Only in the cases when an intrusion signal is received
2. What is the amount of third party liability insurance?

100 million PLN

(the highest in Poland)

10 million PLN
3. Does the protection area need to be fenced and lit?NoYes (conditions necessary for payment of compensation from third party liability insurance)
4. Do prices of service are publicly available and transparent?Yes – check the price list ➤No – prices are deliberately hidden
5. Is it possible to personally check how video security works?Yes! You can visit our Operations Center at any timeNo – agencies keep their work secret. They protect themselves with data confidentiality
II. Work of the Video Security Equipment
1. Does the video monitoring system always have thermal cameras?YesNo
2. How long has the camera material been recorded?

1825 days (5 years)

30 days
3. How many users can be logged at the same time into the application that provides camera image previews?

No limit

(our own aplication VIKI)

5 users (application from cameras producer)
4. What’s the price to share recordings of the incident?Always, 0 PLN500 PLN for one incident
5. What is the waiting time for the video material to be available?No more than 60 minutes. (individual link and password)5 days (CD or pendrive)
6. Does the security agency analyze images from cameras live in terms of compliance with health and safety rules?YesNo
7. How’s video security work?AI VIKI (our own artificial intelligence) and LIVE preview of the image by operatorsWaiting for received an intrusion signal and video patrol every 2 hours
III. Security System Logistics
1. How long is the waiting time for system installation?

Up 2 days

15-20 days
2. Who is responsible for replacing the batteries or refueling the generator?Storm Gray UnitClient
3. What is the minimal duration of the facility’s protection?1 day2 months
4. What’s the minimal duration of the client’s contract?1 day30 days
5. How long does the video monitoring system operate without access to 230V power supply from the client?

10 days

1 day



years of experience
SOVA on-line systems
active live VIDEO cameras
(thermal imaging camera: 562 ,
PTZ: 347)
third party insurance of the company


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