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kamery termowizyjne
analiza obrazu w czasie rzeczywistym
grupy interwencyjne
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We are pioneers in the domain of intelligent surveillance systems

We feel responsible for human life, health and property. We believe that through our work we can protect it, providing security to businesses at the same time.  We realize that those two domains overlap.

This is the reason why we keep developing. Everyday we become better at what we do. Because we are passionate about what we do and we do it in harmony with the values that we believe in.

What is our goal?

SGU – our systems, your security

Security – this is the keyword that fully describes the goal and the mission of our activities. We aim to make everybody feel protected and – in case of a danger – to make them feel they are not alone. Security is a basic human need that is satisfied by our system and people behind them.


What do we offer?

Work and business security with SGU

The goal of the innovative systems that we offer to our clients is firstly and most importantly providing work and business security. We use them to monitor the situation in your company without physical presence. This is how we achieve the balance between supervision and freedom of workers and owners of the business. What do we offer?

SOVA (Audio-Video Security System) provides active 24-hour surveillance. It allows us to have control over what is going on in any given moment within the protected area. This is how we can react in a timely manner, before a risk becomes real damage.

Artificial intelligence as protection against situation that can present risk to employees’ life and health. The security is provided by SOVA and VIKI systems that make immediate reaction possible. Use artificial intelligence to monitor whether Health and Safety rules are respected.

Information is a powerful resource that gives you an edge over competitors, provides protection against risks as well as risk optimization. Within the scope of business security we implement solutions that allow for efficient information use in order to secure stability and to prevent illegal surveillance.

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SOVA on-line systems
active live VIDEO cameras
third party insurance of the company


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