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  • Why Q&A concerning our products and services?
  • Why should we show our hand?
  • Why should we explain that buying equipment with high commission and low subscription simply represents the easiest model of making money on Customers?
  • Why should we clearly communicate terms and conditions of the Agreement?
  • Why should we show things as they really are?


We give clear and transparent answer to those and many other questions.

Our wish is to ensure informed purchases of our products by customers who understand our level and choose our quality to solve their problems, have access to the information on the tasks performed, transfer the subject of security and its logistics completely to us, so it is taken off the Customer’s mind, giving them back their time so they can focus on their work and developing the area they specialise in, to bring fantastic value.

We all have less and less time – so it is truly worthwhile to do the right things in that short time we still have. We encourage you to learn the answers before making your purchase.


As a part of our radical honesty, we provide the price list of our services, available at: SOVA AI 3.0

In accordance with the SGU code and our own system of values, we take the complete responsibility for the protected property, including power supply, unlimited data transfer, and maintaining continuous protection regardless of weather conditions or events beyond our control. We do not call you to report system malfunctions on Friday evenings.

We have insurance at a level of PLN 100,000,000 without a need to have fencing. We are the only security agency in Poland offering a result-oriented agreement. When we assume maximum responsibility, you do not buy any equipment. This is on the SGU side, and we are responsible for its quality. The equipment must continuously, reliably and transparently transfer a 4K image.

The result-oriented agreement stating that we are responsible not only for working well for you under the agreement, i.e., do what you pay for, meaning security activities in time, minimising the risk of theft.

We guarantee that we will pay for a loss suffered to the amount of a monthly subscription within 48 hours of the date of delivering a notification of loss (theft) that took, e.g., 20 seconds.

A standard security services agreement is an agreement of due diligence as provided for in the Civil Code. That agreement governs specific actions in time, meaning that if the tasks specified in the agreement are fulfilled, the security agency is held liable under a fault-based regime, and there is no fault if it reacted and performed in accordance with the agreement.

Unfortunately, if theft occurs despite “good work”, then it still is not responsible for losses, but we, as SGU, decided to accept this responsibility, because what is the use of security if nobody pays you for losses?  

Additionally, we secure power supply and the Internet connection. If there is a power outage at your premises during the weekend, it does not matter. It is our duty to provide it. We do not call you with a request to restore the power supply. Such emergencies are included in our price.

An unlimited Internet connection and power supply to the posts – wholly on the SGU side. We are responsible for the continuity of security services.

We all have less and less time, so we give you your time back, especially on “emergency weekends”. We think it’s better to spend it with your families. We accept maximum responsibility for things happening at your facilities when you are home. We react as agreed, and cooperate with law enforcement services. We do not call you for no reason, you are informed as agreed that the issue was dealt with, and receive a report on and a recording from the incident. You can easily handle possible failures of equipment or power supply at a construction site on Monday.

The services of competitors are predominantly services of monitoring alarm signals. Colloquially speaking, the movement sensor switches cameras on, an operator decides whether to send a patrol, and therefore, only the alarm triggers the operator’s work. The camera decides whether you are protected or not.

And here a problem of the price of “smart cameras” arises. When the agency is not responsible for the security, but for the signal monitoring, then it does not have to install “expensive” cameras, because it does not care. It is not the agency’s fault whether the camera works or not. Here it is, quite a large “skeleton in the closet” of signal monitoring. And additionally, it is nicely “hidden” in small print in the agreement. It is really cleverly arranged by smart people. Prettily packed and sold. Unfortunately, these days this is the standard, and not an exception.

All of Poland, at the moment. Later, in 2024–2025: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine.

Yes, but it is not recommended. It must be clearly specified who is responsible for what, especially for the equipment quality and failures, power supply, or the Internet connection. For us, taking responsibility is a crucial aspect; therefore, for example, it would be hard for us to call you on some weekend, when we do not have access to your equipment, e.g., in an office building.

Yes, in special cases; at the same time, our system does not require support of a physical security officer.

Thermography generally sees the image created by radiated heat. A standard camera sees the image in normal radiation (white light). In the case of adverse weather conditions, like fog, snow, etc., the thermographic camera will still recognise a silhouette and a temperature, while the standard one will only see “milk”.

Currently, PLN 100,000,000, without a need to provide fencing.

Before a person enters a site, we transmit a preventive message; when the site is broken into, we initiate SPO (a standard operating procedure), and then an intervention group is notified, law enforcement services are called, and we notify you, immediately or on the next morning, depending on provisions of the agreement.

Normally for 30 days, and maximum for 90 days. We also offer an additional option of documenting the construction progress. We are able to obtain information about the course of investment life even from five years in the past.

SGU is responsible for the entire maintenance, equipment, and the service.

Colloquially saying, we replace PFRON with a drone. The quality to price ratio. The cameras see the whole site 24/7 and transmit the image to the operating centre, where operators and VIKI analyse it in real time in a continuous mode, 24/7.

It is not necessary to fence the site; however, it is welcomed, as it is an actual obstacle. A criminal cannot say that they did not know they were entering the site. Storage of tools and materials in padlocked metal containers definitely helps. Locking of social containers, pulling the blinds down. The best possible lighting of the site. Installing a good security system. All these represent very desirable preventive actions, which significantly reduce the risk of a loss.

Full access is ensured. You receive the materials within 24 hours. At the same time, since 01/05/2023, the access with an information analysis in the recordings will be available in real time in the application.

VIKI’s task is to detect people in images. A neural network engine that searches for people at a rate of 2,000 frames per second. A standard camera analyses one frame per second, VIKI does it 2,000 times faster.

Yes, it is included in the service price. On request.

Justified patrol arrivals are included in the price without any limit. An unjustified call costs PLN 100.

We assess the damage on a case-by-case basis, accordingly to the actual situation. At the same time, it is helpful for the Customer that SGU, similarly to any other security agency, has discounts for equipment at a level of even 70%, so the valuation is the actual sum of the equipment and work required to repair the loss. This, however, does not change the fact that the continuity of protection must be maintained. Therefore, we immediately initiate the defect repair. We do not suspend our responsibility for the protected facility.

It is observed 24/7 by operators at the Operating Centre and VIKI. In the aggressive mode, we are responsible for losses under a liability insurance and a Result-Oriented Agreement. In the visual monitoring mode, we record actions at a construction site, logistics, and OHS.

Yes; however, it has to be noted that fixed hours for disarming the facility put you at a risk of a damage. If the facility is automatically disarmed at 6.00 a.m., and at 6.05 a.m. somebody takes a generator without your knowledge (a former employee wearing your company clothes, a subcontractor, or a “brother” of an employee who knows how the system works), then we will not pay. We suggest to keep the aggressive mode on as long as you yourself decide that you are at the facility.

Immediately, and no later than within 24 hours. We deliver the SOVA AI 3.0 system to a specified location within 24 hours of the order within the entire territory of Poland.

The responsibility does not change, we remedy the failure immediately. The continuity of protection is ensured by an intervention patrol and a physical protection officer. Equipment service or replacement is at our cost. Our technical department and logistics work 24/7.

Yes, we maintain continuous communication using a phone and a dedicated application.

Mainly, the type and surface of the secured property. It should be assumed that effective protection is achieved within 40 meters of a camera within its field of view, which usually has between 88 and 180 degrees.

In brief, the agreement of due diligence provides for painting of a room per hour, and the result-oriented agreement concerns painting of a room at piece rates. Translating that into security services, the result-oriented agreement means that regardless of whether we work well or poorly, we will pay for losses, while the agreement of due diligence means that when we performed our tasks correctly in accordance with the signed agreement and still a theft occurred, this was not the fault of the security agency. The fault basis in the Civil Code.

We can count, review and secure vehicle and goods traffic. We prepare monthly lists in form of an information architecture concerning the number of vehicles, what was brought into the site, who and when started and ended their work, and the OHS rules.

In a standard configuration, the SOVA-AI-3.0 system is provided to a customer free of charge. We do not sell equipment. Our work and responsibility are solely a service.

The tasks of the operating centre are specified in the protection instruction, forming an appendix to each agreement. Having said this, the main task of the team during their shift is analysing images from cameras, providing full support for VIKI and performing prevention-related activities at secured facilities, e.g., by transmitting warning messages before anybody enters such a facility.

None. All costs related to equipment operation, start-up, and maintenance are borne by SGU. The customer is not charged with any additional costs.

 If the outage is caused by the equipment, the cost of protection is covered by SGU. If a customer is responsible for the failure of a specific power supply, we have emergency power supply for three to five days. Outside that period, the customer will cover the costs of our service concerning the transfer of power supply to SGU. However, the price is fixed in advance in the agreement. No additional “magically-arising” costs are possible in this case.

Yes, at SGU, technical employees are on duty 24/7. The technical department works 24/7. The response time – immediately, the arrival time – depending on the distance to a given Facility.

There is no limit. The access to the application is included in the subscription price, with an unlimited number of users. It should be noted that applications such as IVMS or SmartPSS have a limit of up to five users for simultaneous viewing of the image due to technical restrictions.

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